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Thermo King’s cutting-edge technology optimises productivity by delivering low operating costs and maximum load protection.

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Advancer, is a disruptive new re-imagining of the trailer refrigeration unit. The Advancer A-Series is available in three different versions, the A-360, A-400, and A-500, and offers an all-new design architecture that creates a bold new standard for performance, temperature control, and fleet connectivity. With fully variable airflow, unrivalled fuel efficiency, and a significantly lowered cost of ownership, the Advancer represents the future of trailer refrigeration.

Built From Ambition

The ambition behind Advancer is to move beyond incremental enhancements and to create a trailer refrigeration unit that features innovations never before seen on the market. Equally, the performance delivered by the A-Series is unrivalled, featuring groundbreaking temperature control, superior load protection, and unmatched fuel efficiency. Combined, these capabilities deliver greater operational flexibility, while helping customers achieve significant improvements in fleet uptime and total cost of ownership.

TK Advancer Sales Brochure

Engine Independent Airflow

Vaccines or vegetables? Fully variable airflow – independent from unit engine speed – lets you meticulously control trailer conditions to create the perfect climate for every type of cargo. All the while dramatically increasing fuel efficiency thanks to our 48V DC mild hybrid architecture. The result? The highest airflow on the market in trailers up to 15.6 meters long.*

See the video here: TK Advancer Airflow

What does this mean for you? That’s right, Advancer’s unique airflow capabilities gives you greater cargo protection at reduced operating costs.


Fastest Pulldown on the Market Today

Advancer delivers the fastest pulldown on the road today. It’s up to 40% quicker to pull down in comparative testing under lab conditions.

Our direct drive design helps you get trailers cooled faster, recover from door openings faster, and start making money faster.

Sustained Success


As you know, the proof is in the pudding. And Advancer has conquered every challenge we have thrown at it:

  • tens of thousands of hours of continuous operation?
    No parts replaced. No issues detected. No sweat.
  • multiple units sent all over the world with a variety of cargo?
    Advancer delivered each load on-time and on-target.
  • over 1,000,000 kilometers driven under the harshest conditions?
    Extreme heat or cold? Advancer delivers exceptional performances throughout.



The field trial testing the units in real life conditions and comparison tests against the predecessor and other flagship refrigeration units have shown that Advancer is up to 40 percent quicker to pull down and up to 30 percent more fuel-efficient than the market average. The field trial units travelled over 1 million kilometres across different climate zones and counted tens of thousands of running hours in diesel and electric modes.  They have crossed deserts, operated at high altitudes, travelled on ferries to cross the seas and on trains for intermodal operations. Throughout the tests, the Advancer units proved to be trouble free.

Fewer, Better-Placed Parts

Advancer was designed with fewer moving parts to help minimize both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance. Take changing your air filter: it now takes 60% less time than before.


Return On Investment


The incremental investment for acquiring an Advancer unit is typically recuperated in less than 24 months thanks to its standout fuel savings, system efficiency, and uptime.

Fuel Savings

20% more fuel efficient than it’s predecessor. Advancer is the first-ever unit to display and record fuel consumption data – accessible on the HMI and via TK TracKing portal – including: fuel consumption by trip, total consumed liters per hour, total consumption / remaining fuel and alerts on fuel theft.

Proactive Maintenance

Prevention is better than cure

Did you know that two-thirds of all service call outs are related to empty fuel tanks and flat batteries after long standstills?

We did. Which is why Advancer has a sensor on the battery and an optional fuel sensor inside the tank. This way, warnings will reach you before it’s too late and you can evolve from reactive to proactive maintenance with confidence.

Advancer can adapt to a variety of power sources including shore power, hybrid, holdover battery, axle generator and even integrated solar panels for battery charging.

Future Proof

Advancer is 100% compliant with any European emission legislation – from NRMM Stage V to urban Low Emission Zones across the continent.

Thanks to the unit’s reduced emissions, hybrid and axle power capabilities, and power-agnostic design – Advancer is sure to pass any future regulatory test with flying colors.

Can you hear the silence? Advancer** lets you run inner city deliveries at night without waking up a soul.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

The most intelligent trailer refrigeration unit ever helps you react to potential disruptions before they even occur. As the first unit ever Advancer comes with a free 2-year Connected Solutions subscription. Incidents outside of your control? Full traceability of individual deliveries lets you demonstrate temperature records to meet all regulatory and customer requirements.

Advanced Capabilities with BlueBox as standard


  • 24/7 – 365
  • two-way connectivity


  • 24/7 – 365
  • two-way communication
  • regardless of location
  • full fleet management
  • alerts & notifications


Powerful chip, Brilliant interface

Think smartphone manufacturers have a monopoly on the latest thing? Think again. Advancer’s new controller can handle most operations in 3 clicks, boasts a large colour screen and has an icon-based user interface for driver convenience. That will help your drivers to get going quicker.

For more information, watch the video: TK Advancer Controller


Thermo King has responded with Advancer – a trailer refrigeration unit that was built with ambitious sustainability goals at its core. Its carbon-neutral production process, lower fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions equate to the equivalent of planting 50 trees per unit, per year.

*Achieved with optional air straightener for trailer loaded according to best practices

**The Advancer Whisper Pro model is PIEK compliant

Introducing SLXi

Thermo King’s cutting-edge technology optimises productivity by delivering low operating costs and maximum load protection. The SLXi bring significant innovations to maximise profitability while minimising environmental impact within a sustainable transport and delivery process.

Every SLXi unit is equipped as standard with the most advanced telematics and connectivity capability available, the powerful Thermo King BlueBox.
Drivers and fleet managers using the SLXi never have to do without the critical flow of data required to manage a fleet proactively, maximize uptime and improve efficiency.
With the SLXi, you have the power of connection.

Trailer Refrigeration – Introducing the SLXi

Thermo King has designed the SLXi to enable you to meet your customers’ demands for fresh product delivered at the right temperature while limiting overall costs. This is precisely where the SLXi meets your demands

The SLXi allows you to choose the best balance between exceptionally precise temperature control and market-leading fuel economy, so you can match unit performance exactly to the particular requirements of the load. Select from our extensive range of single and multi-temperature units and choose the performance-enhancing options you need to have just the right tools for the job.


 Every SLXi unit is equipped as standard with the most advanced telematics and connectivity capability available, the powerful Thermo King BlueBox. Drivers and fleet managers using the SLXi never have to do without the critical flow of data required to manage a fleet proactively, maximize up time and improve effici

The SLXi allows you to choose the best balance between exceptionally precise temperature control and market-leading fuel economy, so you can match unit performance exactly to the particular requirements of the load. Select from our extensive range of single and multi-temperature units and choose the performance-enhancing options you need to have just the right tools for the job.

The SLXi range puts your fleet manager and drivers in full control of their units and cargo. Total ease of operation combined with a selection of preset operating profiles eliminates costly errors and maximises return on investment. Customisable operating parameters ensure maximum economy and total load protection.

SLXi owners enjoy total peace of mind when they rely on a unit with best in class quality, reliability and support. Almost 80 years of experience have made Thermo King the industry leader in dependability. Our commitment to continuous improvement resulted in exhaustive laboratory testing and one of the largest field trials ever undertaken, to refine components and fully optimize system design.

In today’s world, every effort to protect the environment is important. With the lowest energy consumption, the smallest carbon footprint, the least global warming, and the quietest operating sound levels, the SLXi is the greenest unit in its class.

Choosing the SLXi shows you care.

SLXi Hybrid

Thermo King, undisputed leader in diesel-powered trailer refrigeration, recently teamed up with Frigoblock, supreme expert in electric-powered solutions. The result is the industry’s first true hybrid trailer unit, offering all the benefits of both diesel and electric power.

Diesel and electric power each have their own advantages. By combining them as a hybrid, we can ensure that your operation is fully adaptable to current and future environmental requirements

Key challenges that face today’s refrigerated trailer fleet operators include:

  • Reducing their environmental footprint to comply with ever more stringent requirements from ordering parties
  • Ensuring the distribution of fresh products in densely populated urban areas where access is limited to low-noise, low-emissions vehicles
  • Retaining the flexibility needed to operate either distribution or long haul as required
  • Making these changes without impacting operating cost.

SLXi Hybrid provides the lowest total cost of ownership and the smallest environmental footprint for both distribution and long-haul applications.

Low emissions, low noise level

  • More and more cities are restricting or banning vehicles due to noise or diesel emissions.
  • SLXi Hybrid ensures current and future access to every delivery location.
  • Our hybrid solution means you can leverage the economy and low emissions of the most advanced tractor engines without compromising performance.
  • Emissions can be cut by over 90% while noise can be reduced to minimal PIEK levels for urban access and driver comfort.

Fuel efficiency and operational savings

  • A full return on investment can be obtained within a relatively short time period.
  • Operation in hybrid mode can deliver substantial fuel savings compared with diesel operation.
  • Savings of up to 5,000 litres of fuel per year and emissions reductions of 13,500kg of CO2 are achievable for each vehicle operating in hybrid mode.
  • Lower engine operating hours mean less frequent maintenance, further cost savings and extended equipment life.

Retrofittable so no need to wait for new equipment purchases

  • The SLXi Hybrid gives you the opportunity to optimise your existing fleet and minimise your environmental
  • Your Thermo King Dealer can advise on the best retrofit solution for your specific needs.
  • Your asset values can be maintained while securing short-term investments.
  • You retain total flexibility in choosing alternative fuels such as LNG, CNG and biofuel.

**Thermo King SLXi Product Brochure**

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