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Ballinlough Refrigeration Ltd are GDP Champion Certified to help with any of your pharmaceutical needs.

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GDP Pharma Solutions

Ballinlough Refrigeration Ltd are GDP Champion Certified to help with any of your pharmaceutical needs. It is necessary to ensure there is a high level of product quality, efficiency, safety and trace-ability which is maintained throughout the distribution chain. Whatever your needs, we have a solution for you.

1. Temperature Mapping

Temperature trailer mapping is a quality performance test for temperature-controlled trailers. However, experience shows that the programmed temperature is not always within the required limits leading to product quality damages and needs to be avoided.

Ballinlough Refrigeration Ltd can perform a test that pin-points and visualises locations in the trailer where possible “hot-spots” appear. Temperature trailer mapping is therefore a performance test for your product quality. Every test is performed after agreeing on precise customer’s requirements and expectations, thus every temperature mapping is different. At the end of the process a detailed report with a description of the temperature distribution, graphical presentation, and statistics is generated.

This service is intended for producers of medicines and components, research companies, pharmaceutics wholesalers and chemist’s shops. Temperature mapping ensures having full knowledge of environmental conditions and can be the basis for qualification of means of transport in accordance with good distribution practice.

 2. GDP Validation

Thermo King GDP Validation for Trucks, Trailers and ColdCubes. Thermo King developed a protocol covering the four stages outlines in the European Commission’s GDP guidelines of Medical products, to include:

  • Design Qualification
  • Installation Qualification
  • Operations Qualification
  • Performance Qualification

PharmaSolutions offers a range of equipment for temperature-controlled transportation for trailer, truck VP units and ColdCube containers. All equipment has been tested following the Thermo King GDP validation protocol in line with GDP guidelines.

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Ballinlough Refrigeration are the only Transport Refrigeration company in Ireland that insulate panel vans while installing a Fridge.

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