Panel Van Insulation

Ballinlough is the only transport refrigeration company in Ireland that carries out their own insulation conversions on panel vans.

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Panel Van Insulation

As the only transport refrigeration company in Ireland that carries out their own insulation conversions on panel vans, Ballinlough pride ourselves on the quality and attention to detail in every job we do. From the traditional industry finish of fibreglass and gel coat to our ATP-Class C conversions for the international movement of food and pharmaceuticals. Our conversions have the flexibility to accommodate varying and diverse user-specific needs – including (for example) racking, electric standby and multi-temperature capability.

We offer bespoke insulation conversions to suit your every need, no matter how big or small.

At Ballinlough we strive to constantly be an Innovator in transport refrigeration industry. As the sole distributer for Cool-Kit in Ireland, we can provide the best insulation for our customers. Making use of light, strong and durable components to optimise vehicle productivity. Compared to Traditional Wet-lay Fibreglass insulation, each Coolkit saves roughly 33% on a vehicles payload. (varies by vehicle type)

Cool-Kit conversions have exceeded the requirements of ATP Testing and have therefore been certified as being highly suitable for the carriage of many kinds of perishable loads including foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals and analytical samples.

Key Features

  • Lightweight, meaning savings on payload and fuel costs
  • Better K-value, less heat is transfer through the insulation. Allowing your load to achieve lower temperatures in less time.

Traditional Wet-lay Fibreglass

Traditional fibreglass insulation has been a main stay in Ballinlough since the day we opened.  it has proven to be an effective solution in the transport refrigeration industry due to its durability & cost effectiveness. The gel coat finish provides a hygienic environment, ideal for food and perishable goods. This can be done to any panel van, big or small. With an array of options, we can fully customise our insulation to meet our customer’s needs.

How it’s Done?

  1. The van is lined with 50mm or 75mm of insulation depending on the required temperature
  2. The insulation is then covered with sheets of marine grade ply wood for added strength and protection
  3. Finally, it is finished with incredibly strong gel-coating

Key Features

  • Durable – This insulation can stand up to hard work, as it has proved over the years.
  • Price – Even today this proves to be the most cost-effective way of insulating a van

Possible options


  1. Fibreglass finish
  2. Non-slip gritted finish
  3. Coolkit flooring
  4. Chequer Plate protection

Frozen spec

  1. Polar Curtains
  2. Rear Door pods
  3. Side Slab door


  1. Folding Aluminium Shelves (also removable)
  2. Fixed fibreglass Shelves

Insulation Options

  • Aluminium Pallet Strips
  • Aluminium Kick strips
  • Wheel arch protection
  • Spare wheel holder
  • Door Lips
  • Load-Lok Rails
  • Drain holes

External options

  • Recessed Roof Pod
  • Reversing Camera
  • Dashcam

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