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Professional Mobile Technology 

Manufactured in Italy to the highest of standards, the insulated boxes are self-contained units which include the compressor and condenser within the box.

Easily installed within a vehicle, requiring only a 12V / 24V connection, they are also equipped with a 110V / 230V capability.

The units range from the smaller 22 and 32 litre models, to the larger 56 and 82 litres, and to the 140 and 330 litre models. With temperature capability from -24 degrees Centigrade to +40 degrees Centigrade, they are available as chill only, chill / heat and chill / freeze.

They are ATP approved and equipped with a digital temperature controller to allow easy setting of the required internal temperature and control of the true internal temperature.

Easily transferable from vehicle to vehicle, the units are ideal for those professional users who may not be able to justify the expense, or do not require a fully dedicated refrigerated vehicle.

Aimed at those who require small batch or sample transportation at a specific temperature, such as those transporting water or blood samples, medical, pharmaceutical or food products.

  • Pharmaceutical – Transport of insulin / vaccines, etc.
  • Medical – Clinical trials, blood, organ transport, etc.Laboratory – Water samples, DNA, etc.
  • Military – Green and sand coloured versions available.
  • Food and Drink Industry – Samples, vending machine stockists, catering, etc.
  • E-Van – Self powered, no vehicle integration required.


Cool Boxes

CFX Series

Specifically designed to fit all kinds of vehicles, the CFX Series is a range of compact portable compressor fridges and freezers to keep food and drinks well chilled or even frozen while out on the road. The range includes a variety of models from as small as 5 litres to 89 Litres.

Cool Air – High Performance Cabin Cooling for trucks

 RTX 1000

  • Up to 12 h running time
  • Very quiet running
  • Turbo cooling operating mode for quick cooling
  • All A/C components integrated into roof unit
  • ADR compliant
  • High cooling capacity: 1200 W
  • Highly efficient: only 8 A power consumption in Eco mode

 In Cab Accessories 

Dometic has set itself the path to create a truck cabin just as luxurious and comfortable equipped as a modern motor home. For truckers on long-haul rides, an in-cabin refrigerator isn’t simply a luxury – it’s a necessity, required to keep food and drink cold over extensive periods of time.

Products in this line operate with the same efficient compressor cooling technology found in residential refrigerators – but adapted for the open road. Dometic offers robust, heavy-duty solutions that can fit any cabin design and can be customized to meet individual specifications.

Sun and roller blinds, cooled and heated door bottle holder, heated and cooled cup holder, kettles & coffeemakers to power inverters round up our truck OEM portfolio.

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